Facilitator Training for Cancer Professionals


We are happy to offer this specialist training that explores the values, practice, and approach of Mindfulness and Cancer, based on the tried and tested Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer program. The training will enable health and social care professionals to develop the skills, inspiration, and understanding to work safely in the field of mindfulness and cancer. This program will take place over a 12-month period ‚Äď and will link up those working in different contexts in psycho-oncology, cancer support, and palliative care, who are interested in what mindfulness might offer. All those who register for the¬†facilitator training program have access to all three collections: The Starter Collection; The Full Library Collection; and The Facilitator Collection.¬†

Scholarships are available for those living in low-income countries or those who cannot afford the fee.

Mindfulness and Cancer Facilitator Training

This course option offers you an opportunity to train at your own pace. It includes monthly live webinars. The program contains the following features:

  • The Mindfulness and Cancer¬†Starter Collection
  • The¬†Mindfulness and Cancer¬†Full Library Collection
  • The Mindfulness and Cancer Facilitators¬†Collection
  • Monthly live webinars with Q&A sessions (recorded for later reference)
  • Scholarships are available upon request
Register for $300 or pay $30 monthly
NOTE: These materials and trainings are not intended to replace medical advice and are offered as self-help approaches to support personal wellbeing. The owners of these offerings are not responsible for any outcomes that may result from their use.