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This Mindfulness and Cancer project is designed for people with cancer, and for health and care workers who want to include mindfulness as a resource to support their patients/clients. There are three collections of video, audio and text packages that are all drawn from the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer (MBCT-Ca) program, which has been taught to people with cancer for over 20 years in different parts of the world. Two MBCT-Ca books have been published – one for mindfulness teachers (Bartley, 2012) and one for people with cancer (Bartley, 2017).


Mindfulness For People With Cancer

There is a free Starter Collection for those who have been diagnosed with cancer and feel they might benefit from the support of mindfulness. We also offer a Full Library Collection for a small fee for those who would like to dive deeper into this mindfulness program. Free access to all of our resources is available for those living in low-income countries or those who cannot afford the fee.


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Facilitator Training Program

We are happy to offer this specialist training that explores the values, practice, and approach of Mindfulness and Cancer, based on the tried and tested Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer program. The training will enable health and social care professionals to develop the skills, inspiration, and understanding to work safely in the field of mindfulness and cancer. The training will take place over a 12-month period – and will link up those working in different settings in psycho-oncology, cancer support, and palliative care, who are interested in what mindfulness might offer them. People who register for this facilitator training program have access to all three collections: The Starter Collection; The Full Library Collection; and The Facilitator Collection.

Scholarships are available for those living in low-income countries or who cannot afford the fee.

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Mindfulness and Cancer

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