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Earn a 33% commission on sales you direct to us!

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Our affiliate program pays out at a rate of 33% of net revenues collected for our programs. Please note: there is no payout for the Benefactor contributions. Benefactors are helping to pay for those who cannot afford to pay for our programs.  


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Affiliate Portal


Once you have created an account with us, you can log in to your affiliate dashboard for helpful resources. You will get your own personalized affiliate links, be able to track sales and more.


Affiliate Login

How it works:

Share Links install a cookie onto prospective customers' browsers for 90 days or until the cache is cleared. The installed cookie allows our Affiliate Marketing System to track views and conversions on our site to automatically calculate and credit Affiliate commissions. The Affiliate User (you) is then credited with a percentage of each sale made through your Share Link. As long as the purchase is made within 90 days on the same browser the Share Link was clicked, Affiliates will be credited with the transaction.

New Affiliates will receive the Affiliate User Welcome Email containing their Login information to access the Share Links in their own personal Affiliate Portal with a link to the Affiliate Login Page.


The Affiliate Portal

After you signup and are approved, you will receive an Affiliate User Welcome email containing the Login credentials and link to access the Affiliate Portal.

The Affiliate Portal allows you to:

  • View your Stats.
  • Access your Public Share Links
  • Export your Purchase Summary Report.
  • Change your Settings to update your Profile, and email preferences, and change your Password.


Your Affiliate stat cards provide insight into your performance:

  • Clicks: The total number of clicks on all Affiliate Share Links.
  • Form Submissions: The number of opt-ins (or Forms submitted) tracked through your Affiliate Share Links.
  • Conversions: The total number of Offer purchases is tracked through your Affiliate Share Links 
  • Conversion Rate: Overall conversions divided by overall clicks: